10 Powerful Words That’ll Rock Your World. One of Which Might Very Well Surprise You.

word-puzzle-boxOkay granted, you may not be rubbing your hands together in antsy anticipation, but in the back of your mind the wheels are churning.

Because you know darn well things could be better.

Deep down you know there’s something more.

In fact, you’ve known it for some time.

Still, something’s holding you back.

Something’s missing.

Something you can’t quite put your finger on.

Ahh, but what if you could?


Well now, since you’re already here how about we  try and figure out this little snafu?

Whaddaya say, you up for it?

Alright then, when I say go, you’ve got ten seconds, ten seconds to come up with a few words that best describe the things you feel you’re lacking when it comes to pursuing your Everyday Hopes and Dreams.




One thousand one, one thousand two. . .

Take your time.

One thousand four, one thousand five. . .

Almost there.

One thousand seven, one thousand eight. . .



So, what’d you come up with?

What’s that?

Discipline? Suhweet.

Confidence? Awesome.

Motivation? Gotta have it.

Passion? You betcha.

Talent? It sure can’t hurt.

Time? Right?!

Okay then, there we have it.

A list of one, two, three, four, five, six words. Six powerful words that when it comes to your Everyday Hopes and Dreams can speak volumes.

For instance: Motivation.

Let’s be honest, without it you’re pretty much dead in the water.

Those hopes and dreams? Fuhgettaboutem, because without the M word chances are you’re gonna have a tough time just getting up off the couch.

(Encouraging note: You’re not alone)

But now picture yourself a motivational ninja; a can-do spirit on a hell-bent mission.

Imagine your sofa’s delight.

Imagine giving Judge Judy the bird.

Think of all you could accomplish.

And how about Talent?

Another bona fide rock star in regards to ‘living the dream, especially when you’re talking, oh let’s say, singing like Carrie Underwood.

Now there’s some large-scale talent. (Holy pipes that girl can sing).

(Discouraging note: We can’t all be that talented)

Then again, what if you were?

What if you did have the goods?

Imagine what it’d be like.

Imagine the possibilities?

Of course there are a number of additional words we could add to our list.

Words like Determination, Consistency, and Vision, all hall-of-famers in their own right.

And we’re just starting to scratch the surface, heck, we could go on indefinitely, because much like our Everyday Hopes and Dreams our individual arsenal of strengths and weaknesses is every bit as different and diverse as we are, as is our day to day circle of circumstances.

Consequently, everyone’s needs are unique.

Be that as it may, there does exist a common denominator amidst all this multiplicity.

There is one communal thread that weaves throughout our impressive patchwork of many colors.

And that is while some of us may indeed have it; whereas some of us might have a fraction more than others…none of us have it all.

Meaning simply that in spite of any particular attributes you feel you may be lacking, or for that matter any God-given talents you’ve been fortunate to be blessed with, you still gotta work em.

You still need to show em some love.

Truth is, it’s not what you have or haven’t got, it’s what you do with it.

Before we forge ahead, I have a quick confession:

I must tell you that the aforementioned list is one I conveniently whipped up solely for this post.

(Of course I have a hunch you already knew that)

In any case, I do believe this it is strikingly true to character.

Meaning that if this were a legitimate poll or survey the outcome would be (I believe) virtually one and the same.

And here’s why:

If you’ll notice all six words on our list (and this is also true for the three words I added shortly afterward) are nouns, which, by definition indicate the name of a person, place, or thing.

And as you recall my challenge to you was to come up with a few words that best describe the things you feel you’re lacking when it comes to pursuing your Everyday Hopes and Dreams.

See the correlation?

But now suppose this was in fact a valid study, suppose rather than me asking you to come up with a few words that best describe the things you feel you’re lacking, I instead asked you to come up with a few words that best describe what you feel you’re lacking.

No coaxing. No trickery.

Whaddaya think the odds are you’d still be inclined to choose mostly (if not all) nouns?

Probably better than you think.

Again, here’s why?

  1. Nouns, as I alluded to earlier, are powerful words. They’re big, bold, and structured to stand up (and standout) on their own. In a word, they can often best communicate that what it is we wish to say.
  2. Regardless of origin or nature, when we feel a lack or longing we invariably assume we need some thing to fill the void.

Yet in reality, especially as it pertains to personal growth and achievement, more times than not it isn’t some thing we need, but rather, something we need to do.

Something we need to Keep doing.

Well now, there’s a word that managed to slip under the radar.

How is it we happened to overlook this precious little jewel?

Simple: keep is not a noun.

It’s not a person, place, or thing.

But the question is, is it powerful?

Is it a word worthy of our illustrious list?

Here’s what Roget’s Thesaurus had to say about it.

Keep is a verb, it means to:

  1. have, hold, enjoy, possess, preserve, own, save, store
  2. care for, carry on, continue, defend, endure, foster, maintain, manage, nurture, protect, provide, safeguard, support, sustain, watch over
  3. block, constrain, delay, deter, hamper, impede, limit, obstruct, prevent, shackle, stop
  4. commemorate, celebrate, honor, observe, praise, respect


I believe so.

Because y’see, in the end we all Have our dreams; we all Possess the same awe-inspiring ability to dream.

And if we truly hope to Preserve those dreams we have to Care For them.

We need to Defend, Foster, and Nurture them so to Protect them from all that threatens to Block, Deter, and Prevent them from one day becoming something so much more.

Like all things deeply cherished, we need to Commemorate our dreams.

We need to Celebrate our dreams.

And the finest way to do that―the only way to do that―is to show them the Honor and Respect they so deeply deserve.

Now that I’m sure you’d agree, is some pretty powerful shit.

See ya November 1st. Till then, keeep it up.

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