Welcome to Ingzig and the Unadorned Art of Everyday Earnest Effort: Now Get On Your Bikes And Ride

yesWelcome, to the first ever blog post from Ingzig, a So Cal based company that celebrates the unadorned art of Everyday Earnest Effort.

Our mission: To shine a refreshing new light on this reliable old standard.

Rest assured, however, we’re not here to suggest what you should do or how you should do it.

But rather to encourage you to embrace your chosen work and to dedicate yourself to it.


Do you recall when you were first learning how to ride a bike?

If so, you can probably still picture that certain someone scurrying along your side doling out well-intended words of encouragement as you frantically shimmied to and fro.

Or maybe you were so overcome with fear at the time that all those well-intended words fell on deaf ears.

Drowned out by a pestering little voice in your head that had you thoroughly convinced the invention of the wheel wasn’t such a great idea after all.

In any case, chances are you carried on, and with each and every attempt you managed to keep your bike a tiny bit steadier and ride it a little bit further than you did the time before.

In turn, your confidence grew.

And instinctively you knew right then and there that if you just stayed with it you’d eventually prevail.

Well, odds are you did.

And at that very moment if you could’ve somehow found the courage to loosen up on that vise-like grip you’d have clinched your fists and thrown up your arms in an almost uncontrollable display of joy and excitement.

Now depending on your everyday hopes and dreams of course, you might have to wait a little longer before you actually begin to rejoice.

But the point is, at one time or another we’ve all had some challenges.

We’ve all been faced with fears.

And ultimately, and one time or another, we’ve beaten the odds.

We accomplished something we felt really good about.

Something that took a bit of time and effort to achieve.

And guess what?

Much like riding a bike, once you’ve done it you rarely if ever forget how.


Everyday Earnest Effort is nothing new.

And it’s certainly not something we’ve forgotten how to do.

It is, however, in this day and age of immediate gratification, something that’s constantly and continually overshadowed by that which is quick, easy, and instant.

Author and Life Design Coach Martha Beck says, “We’re yearning for a powerful source of liberation that’s right under our noses, yet it’s quite clear that we’ll do almost anything to avoid it.”

Entrepreneur Magazine put it this way. “We often give lip service to the idea that success, happiness, and personal fulfillment take some effort to achieve, but in our day-to-day lives we think, ‘I don’t want to work that hard.'”

The simple truth is this:

While an immediate payoff may in fact be more desirable, hard earned returns, those that truly do take considerable time and effort, are far and away more rewarding.

And here at Ingzig we intend on reminding you again and again just how rewarding they can be.

Thanks for stopping by,

See ya on June !st. Till then, keeep it up.


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