Luck Of The I Wish: The Art of Not Being Green When It Comes To Your Everyday Hopes and Dreams

It’s a crisp yet clear summer morning.

Wavelets of sea and salt roll in one after another, cresting, crashing, casting a foaming pool of whitewater that before returning home wash over your naked feet like a soothing serenade.

A lone gull sails overhead, its shadow flutters across the sun baked sand.

Just beneath its path a reflection catches your eye; a small but brilliant signal of light piercing through a tangled mass of wilting kelp.

Three Rubs and You’re Out…Of Luck 

Delicately you peel away at the knotted layers unveiling a golden lamp adorned with a maze of cryptic hieroglyphics.

The notion inevitably pops into your head.

You rub it.


You rub it again.

Still nothing.

You rub it a third time.

Suddenly it begins to shake uncontrollably in your grasp, eventually plummeting back toward the sand.

You take a cautionary step back as a thunderhead of cotton candy like mist erupts into the salty atmosphere.

Alas, a genie appears.

Next thing you know you’re behind the wheel of a brand new Nissan GT-R; the CEO of one of the most successful bobble head doll manufacturing firms in the country; and that uncontrollable craving for Jolly Joe favored Mike and Ike’s that’s dogged you since adolescence, is now a sordid thing of the past.

So what’s preposterously wrong with this picture?

Well, outside of the fact why anyone would choose a GT-R over a 911 GT3, wish granting genies stuffed into seafaring lamps simply don’t exist here in the real world.

And that goes ditto for their uncanny resourcefulness to magically make wishes come true.

Of course if you insist on believing otherwise, well then you’re about as green as that St. Patty’s party hat you wore to your Uncle Floyd’s barbeque a few weeks ago.

Green Is Definitely Not Your Color

Speaking of tall tales (and the color green) did you know that whole thing about green being the official color of St. Patrick is all a bunch of blarney?

And that the traditional color associated with that dude is actually blue.

Did you know that like our turban trimmed friend the genie St. Patrick wasn’t even Irish?

But born to wealthy parents in Britain?

And that contrary to today’s cheery interpretation the phrase “Luck of the Irish” doesn’t imply good luck at all.

But instead relates to the unbreakable will and spirit of the Irish people during centuries of ill fortune and hard times; times of famine, war, starvation, and even prejudice.

Lucky my ass.

The reality is it was they themselves who were greatly responsible for any so called. ‘good luck.’

In other words if the Irish were lucky, it’s only because they made their own luck.

And that, when it comes to your Everyday Hopes and Dreams, is exactly what you need to do as well.

Surely you’ve heard the old saying, “The harder I work the luckier I get.”

Well, in a nutshell I’d say that pretty much sums it up.

Sure we could all use a lucky break now and again, and I sincerely hope you get your fair share along the way. 

If on the other hand you plan on loungin around wishin and waitin for your ship to come in, all I can say is…I wish you all the luck in the world.

See ya on June 1st. Till then, keeep it up.


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