Scissors Over Paper. Paper Over Rock. Money Over Heart, Grit, Passion, and Purpose? What Do You Think?


He sits alone bouncing between cell phone and sampler platter with seasoned accuracy.

His hair is peppered with silver, combed back neatly behind the ears.

A chrome rimmed monocle adorns his left eye.

(Yep. A monocle).

And with a hoist of his rocks glass he welcomes us as we belly up to the bar.

What can I getcha? Asks the daintily framed bartender, her foreign accent adding an element of mystique to an otherwise girlish charm.

Two Miller Lites please.

And a pair of dinner menus.…

Obstacle Illusion: Why, When it Comes to Your Everyday Hopes and Dreams, Obstacles Should Be the Last of Your Worries

best obstacle image


So you’re on your daily commute to or from work.

Traffic sucks.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could reach back and grab that faded beach towel draped across the rear seat knot it up around your neck and then make like Superman?

Or maybe plug a portable version of the transporter machine they had on the USS Enterprise into an unoccupied USB port and beam yourself up (and light-years above) this snafu.

Or, what if you could do like Vavoom?

Va who?

Vavoom: Felix the Cat’s Inuk sidekick who with his earth-shattering shriek could blast through anything standing in his way.… Read More...

It’s All in the Risk: Question is, When It Comes to your Everyday Hopes and Dreams, Do You Want to Risk it All?


Ask a bricklayer how to build a house and the answer will most likely be, “One brick at a time.”

Ask a dressmaker how to design an evening gown and the reply will no doubt be a resounding, “One stitch at a time.”

And as for that famous old adage “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?”


The point is it’s hard to argue the facts.

So then how is it when it comes to our Everyday Hopes and Dreams we continue to give in to the common myth that it’s gotta be all or nothing, sink or swim, now or never?… Read More...

The Value Of Daydreaming: Why Being in the Present Isn’t Always a Gift


Loosely translated the expression, “In the moment” means to give something (and/or someone) your complete and undivided attention.

It implies being firmly focused on the here and now; to be fully engaged in the task or situation at hand.

According to such experts as Professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, author of Finding Flow, it is this kind of “Complete absorption in what one does that’s been shown to play a significant role in ones overall well-being.”


But, “for the moment,” let’s suppose that you don’t like what you do.… Read More...

Tools Of The Trade: The Definitive DYI Guide to a Happier You


So there you are, your head in a pool of water floundering beneath the kitchen sink with a pipe wrench and a fading flashlight thinking, “Surely there’s more than one way to skin this here cat.” 

AKA, “There’s gotta be another friggin way to do this.”

The answer of course: There is.

The most obvious that comes to mind is to get someone else to do it; to pay, bribe, or beg someone to do the so called “dirty work.”

But what if you’re a swollen with pride industrious type who gets an immeasurable amount of satisfaction from doing it yourself?… Read More...

Ta-Daaah! Resolutions For Those Of Us With a Little Less Resolve


Hey, guess what? It’s that time again.

That opportunistic time of year.

Time for change. Time to turn over a new leaf.

Time for a fresh-clean-start.

That’s right, it’s January 1st, a time of…Resolution!               

Damn, sounds exciting doesn’t it?

Sounds promising.

So then why the sky-scraping failure rate when it comes to realizing New Year’s Resolutions?

After all, resolution by definition is the state or quality of being resolute.

It suggests a “resolving” to do something.

And resolve by most standards is considered a top-tier characteristic, one that generally conveys a significantly higher level of credibility than…oh, let’s say…intention.… Read More...

Your Everyday Hopes and Dreams: What They Have In Common With a Three Minute Egg


Thanksgiving is behind us, Christmas is upon us, and New Years Day (believe it or not) is just a hop, skip, and a jump away.

And what better way to celebrate the holiday season then by 1) giving thanks, 2) bearing gifts, and 3) ringing in the promise of a brand new year.

“Omne trium perfectum,” is a Latin phrase meaning, “Everything that comes in threes is perfect,” and/or, “That every set of three is complete.”

Go ahead, see if you can “complete” the following:

On you mark, get set…

The good, the bad, and…

Hook, line, and…

Perfect!…

Keeper Of The Flame: Preventing Your Everyday Hopes and Dreams From Goin Up In Smoke

flame 1

So imagine there you are going about your day toting not an iPhone or a Java Chip Frappuccino, but a small forged metal box containing a smoldering cinder kept alight throughout the day with tiny bits of kindling.

Now you’re no doubt thinkin, “Why in the world would I ever do that?”

A good question, yet one you wouldn’t have been asking yourself a mere 1000 years ago. 

Ya see back in the Middle Ages lighting a fire from scratch remained a relatively tricky if not arduous process.… Read More...

The Flip Side/Good Side of Discipline


Cadet Springer is on his knees scrubbing the hallway floor of the military academy’s administrations building.

And not by choice mind you.

But because earlier that day Colonel Rumford felt that the spit shine finish on Springer’s uniform oxfords wasn’t quite shiny enough.

Therefore, the Commandant deemed it necessary to discipline the young cadet.

(The preceding account is based on an episode from the TV series Columbo circa 1978)

From a very early age we are prudently told what and what not to do on a regular and consistent basis.… Read More...

FYI…Stories Rock, Stories Rule, Always Have, Always Will


Don’t take this personal.

But it’s time to get personal.

It’s time to talk about you and me.

About our everyday hopes and dreams.

Personally, I wanna hear your story.

And I wanna tell you mine.

No matter what the so-called experts say.

Which is, “Self-absorbed narcissism serves the needs of no one.”

In fact if I recall correctly the unofficial pie chart illustrates that only 10-15% of a well-balanced blog should be ‘personality’ content.

“Content that forms an emotional connection with your reader.”

“The remainder,” they say, “Should be divided between selling and ‘usable information.'”

“With usable info typically netting the lion’s share.”

Now don’t get me wrong I’m all for usable information, especially if I’m in the market for a riding mower or a flat screen TV (although even then it could very well come down to personal preference).… Read More...