You Can Do This: A Lesson In Waterpumps and Other Confidence Building Stuff


As a blogger I make it a point to keep a folder of ideas and articles loaded and ready at all times, and more often than not it’s that folder which serves as my go to source for inspiration.

But every now and then something unexpected catches my attention and on a whim I’ll decide to run with it.

And every great once and a while something truly special comes along that hits me deep down in the ticker, and I just can’t wait to share it.… Read More...

What When Where Why and The Who: My Take on The Five W’s and What They Can Do For You


“The Five W’s.”

Also referred to as the Kipling Method, named after English writer and poet Rudyard Kipling.

Often used in journalism, research, and police investigations, as well as, in personal growth and achievement as problem solving pronouns to aid in the evaluation and better understanding of a certain event, subject, or situation.


Now, if you’ll notice I have listed The Five W’s out of their customary sequence.

That the Who, which is typically first on the list, is now last.

You might also have noticed that, “The Sixth W”, or, “The One H” (aka the How) appears to be absent.… Read More...

Gimme Gimme Gimmicks: A New Spin On An Old Classic


It’s Easter Sunday, around 2pm.

Friends and family shuffle in with a load of goodies that could easily feed a small army.

Among the regular crowd is cousin Lea who’s in town from Texas for a wedding.

Funny, it was Lea who 29 years ago was the flower girl at me and Cathy’s wedding.

Ahh, seems like only yesterday.

In typical holiday fashion the guys make a beeline for the patio (that’s where the ice chest is).

Eventually settling down in the living room (that’s where the TV is).… Read More...

Luck Of The I Wish: The Art of Not Being Green When It Comes To Your Everyday Hopes and Dreams

no luck

It’s a crisp yet clear summer morning.

Wavelets of sea and salt roll in one after another, cresting, crashing, casting a foaming pool of whitewater that before returning home wash over your naked feet like a soothing serenade.

A lone gull sails overhead, its shadow flutters across the sun baked sand.

Just beneath its path a reflection catches your eye; a small but brilliant signal of light piercing through a tangled mass of wilting kelp.

Three Rubs and You’re Out…Of Luck 

Delicately you peel away at the knotted layers unveiling a golden lamp adorned with a maze of cryptic hieroglyphics.… Read More...

If Your Dreams Could Talk What Would They Say? More Importantly, Would You Listen?



They’re about to speak.

Do you hear em?

I know you do.

Call me psychic, shrewd, or just plain perceptive, but I know that at some point or another you too have heard the chatter of voices in your head.

Y’know those meddlesome little murmurs that every time you get the half hearted notion to do something have the duty-bound tendency to rummage through a laundry list of reasons why you can or can’t (should or shouldn’t) do it.

From the lips of anything resembling a smooth talkin bebopin over the shoulder self image to an obscure and shadowy silhouette cloaked in Gothic garb, these recurring articulations can range from an encouraging whisper to a sabotaging rant with manic like undertones.… Read More...

Two Bits of Advice for your Everyday Hopes and Dreams: 1) Hold On 2) Let Go

two bits

It’s your anniversary.

You have a reliable babysitter for your three-year old.

But before you and your significant other head out on the town for the evening you decide on some pizza, so you strap the little rug rat into the car seat and make a beeline for Little Caesar’s while your spouse waits for the babysitter to arrive.

The gal says it’s gonna be about 30 minutes till your order’s ready.

“30 minutes,” you shrug!

“I’ve got a fitful three year old here, any chance ya might have some Crayons or something handy?”

She futilely searches behind the counter then points over your shoulder toward the opposite corner of the room to a lone and rather dysfunctional looking video game.… Read More...

First Things First: A Slow but Surefire Way to Harness Momentum, as well as, Watch it Build


Do you ever wonder what it’d be like if things were different?

For instance, if instead of doin this you were doin that?

If instead of goin here you were goin there?

If instead of gettin what’cha always get you got what’cha always wanted?

Well, what if you were doin it?

Not all of the time but some of the time.

What if you were goin there?

You hadn’t yet arrived, but you were headin in the right direction.

And what if you got it?

Just a taste of it that is.…

War and the Missing Piece: Are You Ready (And I Mean Ready) To Rumble?


So here we are on the threshold of yet another new (and hopefully promising) year.

And I’m curious, how’d the last twelve months treat you?

Did they meet your expectations?

Did they exceed your wildest dreams? 

Was this past year the one in which all your hard work finally paid off?

Or was it, for lack of better description…life as usual?


Personally, in view of the many hardships folks have endured as of late I can’t complain. That’s not to say my family and I haven’t been sucker punched by this crazy economy a time or two ourselves.… Read More...

Love and Understanding: Finders Keepers? Not Necessarily


Imagine if you can picking up the paper and seeing the front page overrun with cheerful headlines.

Or turning on the news and hearing a heartwarming story.

How bout getting a glimpse of one of those rag mags at the checkout counter and finding the cover story isn’t yet another scandalous rant about who’s screwin who.

Personally, I think it goes without saying that this hard-bitten world of ours could benefit greatly from a little more good news.

Then again, it’s probably not only the world at large that could reap the benefits of such welcomed news.… Read More...

Tiger’s Talent Unveiled: How You Too Can Achieve Greatness Through a Little Practice?


Like an experienced climber scaling the face of a towering ridge the morning sun inches it’s way up the rugged skyline, piercing ever so briefly through the blanket of pines before disappearing again behind the timbered landscape, almost in a playful sort of manner, as if teasing one with the up-and-coming promise of a brand new day.

The sidewalks and rooftops are moist from the rogue thunderstorm the night before and glisten in the dancing columns of mornings light.

The lingering layer of dew over the water gradually transforms from thick and mysterious to virtually nonexistent, unveiling a velvety sheet of glass that’s severed only by the low flying aerobatics of the occasional carp.… Read More...