Good: Effectively Proven to be the “Perfect” Alternative


On one side you see an enlarged photo of a ripened russet potato under which it reads, the potato.

On the other a single serving of classic cut fries arranged neatly in a bright red container embossed with a pair of golden arches. Below that image is the word, perfected.

Yup. It’s an advertisement for McDonald’s.

In this particular case a roadside billboard strategically placed just a few hundred yards from one of the chains more than 30,000 fast food restaurants.

And like me, weather or not it lures you in for a No.2 Extra Value Meal, it just might get you to thinking:

Hmm, over the years I’ve probably polished off a small truckload of Micky D fries, and yea they’re pretty darn tasty.… Read More...

But I’m Tide. T.I.D.E. Tide: How Fatigue Can Not Only Kick Your Ass…but Steal Your Dreams


I have so much to do.

My to do list looks like a spoiled 10 year old’s Christmas list. 



I need a double shot Espresso Frappuccino pronto.

I need a four pack of Red Bull like now!

Where’s the friggin phone book, I gotta make me an appointment with one of them damn cloning doctors.

Sound familiar?

I bet.

Now before we head down this all-too-familiar road I’d like to make what I consider a pair of reasonable assumptions.… Read More...

Watering The Elephants: The Dirtier (and Grittier) Side of Dreaming


I’m the kid who has a habit of dreaming, and it gets me in trouble sometimes too. But the truth is, I could no more stop dreaming, than I could make them all come true…from the album The Kid by Art Garfunkel.

Wow! Talk about hittin home.

I’m not sure who Buddy Mondlock had in mind when he penned that song but I do know it could very well have been me.

Seems every day I’m staring out over the hood of my biggie rig daydreaming about something or another.Arguably not the most prudent thing to be doing with 80,000 lbs strapped to your back.… Read More...

Blah Blah Blog: Why Keeeping It Up is Sometimes Best Kept To Yourself


I’m a hockey fan, however, I’m not an NHL Network subscriber.

I like knockin back a couple of cold ones as much as the next guy, but I intentionally don’t do it as much as I’d like.

I’m kinda diggin this whole blogging thing, but I’m not about to post something in accordance with some perceived industry standard.

Why not? Because every now and then I like to go out and have a couple of cold ones and watch a hockey game.

In the February issue of Success Magazine publisher Darren Hardy spoke with marketing maestro Seth Godin.… Read More...

We Have A Winner: Finding Your Rhythm Both On And Off the Dance Floor


Do you ever get the urge to just get away?

And in the process wind up being blown away?

In other words,you ever head out for a little R&R and come back not only rested and relaxed but ready to rock?

A few weeks ago my wife Cathy and I spent the weekend at Fantasy Springs Hotel and Casino located in not-so-near-by Indio CA.

It’s a bit of a drive but one we gladly endure every so often for a couple of reasons:

1) Cathy likes to gamble.…

If You Like Riddles Read This. If You Don’t…Read This!


In the river bank.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

To get to the other side.


A riddle is called a riddle for a reason.

They can often prove to be puzzling, perplexing, generally requiring a bit of thought and ingenuity to solve.

Yet part of a riddles charm is that the answer tends to be ridiculously obvious..

Do you remember Batman’s nemesis the Riddler? 

Remember that funky green outfit?

Ya know the one ‘riddled’ with question marks.

So tell me, ya ever get to feelin that way about your everyday hopes and dreams?… Read More...

Thoughts: They’re Alot More Than You Might Think. But Alone, They’re Not Nearly Enough


When asked how he discovered the law of gravity, Sir Isaac Newton replied, “By thinking about it all the time.”

Come to think of it the same could probably be said about Einstein and the theory of relativity.

And about Darwin and the theory of evolution.

…and how about you.

Yeah you.

Got anything evolutionary ruminating in that head of yours.

If so, your on the right track.

Because whatever it is you’d like to someday achieve or accomplish; whatever you’re everyday hopes and dreams might be, it’s super important that you think about it.… Read More...

What The Canuck? So Much For ‘All In the Spirt of Competition.’


This past May the Boston Bruins shut out the Vancouver Canucks 4-0 in game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals making them only the fourth road team in NHL history to win a game 7.

Needless to say it was a tough loss for the favored Canucks who led the league in scoring and compiled the best record of the regular season.

But even more brutal was the fact that they jumped out to an early two game lead.

Yet somehow the scrappy Bruins, who had faced elimination in both the first round and the conference finals, were once again able to defy the odds and outscore their Canadian counterparts 23-8 in the series.… Read More...

May I Have the Results Pleeease! The Truth About Results and How to Get Em


Ready for the results?

Of course you are.

In fact if you’re like most of us you can hardly wait.

Whether it’s your intention or your aim chances are your motives are largely fueled by your insatiable desire for results.

And why not?

After all, results (particularly in our results-driven society) are the coveted crown of both personal and professional achievement.

And as a result they tend to garner all the glory.

Yet despite all the hyperbole, results actually are a pretty cool thing.

But they’re far from the only thing.…

Switching Things Up: How Making a Small Change can Make a Huge Difference


I can’t believe it!

I can’t believe I’m about to hop on the 2013 bandwagon and pay tribute to a timeworn tradition that’s got all the legitimacy of a Robovac.

To my delight I thought I had it all figured out.

While the blogosphere runneth over with idle talk of rose-colored resolutions I was intent on discussing the often overlooked benefits of regimented juicing—or not.

The point is I was doggedly determined to do something different, to go against the grain; to zig when everyone else zagged.… Read More...