Passion: Either You’ve Got It or You Don’t. Question Is, Do You Need It?


Donald Trump talks about it often.

And always with a great deal of conviction.

He claims that without it the chances of being successful dramatically decline.

He is affectionately referring to passion.

That strong and deep-seated love for what you do…and/or hope to do. But what if you’re not brimming with passion?

What if you haven’t found that certain somethin that lights a fire under your aspirations?

Does that mean you’re SOL?

Now I consider myself an extremely passionate person, and I’ve always felt that passion is an integral part of any well-deserved success.… Read More...

The Trick Is It’s Not Magic, It’s Work. Ahh, But the Truth Is, It’s Magical


I once heard it said that art isn’t so much about how it looks.

It’s about how it makes you feel.

And I’ll be quite honest with ya, when it comes to personal growth and achievement I can’t think of many feelings better than the ones that come from the art of Everyday Earnest Effort.

I say the ones because what I’ve noticed over the years is that there are essentially two clear-cut feelings or sensations that stem from 3E.

The first is a modest yet encouraging feeling of accomplishment.… Read More...

A Virtual Laundry List of Virtues. And Why 3E Continually Comes Out On Top


So of all the virtues, qualities, and traits commonly associated with personal growth and achievement why Everyday Earnest Effort?

Why not some glorified old mainstay like strength, courage, faith or hope?

Why not God given talent or ability?

How bout heart, passion and desire?

Well, here’s the deal.

Like you I too am fortunate enough to have inherited many of the aforementioned qualities.

I (like you) have had to muster up the strength and courage to get up each morning and face the days challenges.

Ever since flingin papers, flippin burgers, and poundin nails I (like you) have had faith in that if I work hard good things will come my way.… Read More...

What Starts With a Tee and Ends with a Great Big ‘Thanks For Your Support’?


From its nineteenth century origins as something with a Henley neck and buttons to its current iconic status, the t-shirt (a long time personal favorite of mine) has become an American staple.

And while I have absolutely no intentions of building a reputation as a clothing company I am convinced that this beloved classic is a perfect fit for Ingzig.

Now as much as I’d like to tell ya these t-shirts are made of some of the finest fabrics from around the globe and that I covertly whisk off to undisclosed exotic locations in search of these indigenous textiles, the truth is these threads are pretty much your run of the mill stuff.… Read More...

Art or Craft: Unlike The Chicken or The Egg, Here It’s Obvious Which Came (or rather Must Come) First


I gotta tell ya.

From the very get go I’ve been on the fence about the word ‘art.’

Not about the word itself mind you.

But whether or not to incorporate it into, The Art of Everyday Earnest Effort.

My dilemma is twofold.

1) I feel art is a term that’s been highly overused in popular culture and thereby rendered a bit trite or trivial.

A cliche if you will.

And 2) In essence, Everyday Earnest Effort isn’t really an art form at all.

It’s much more akin to a craft.…

Welcome to Ingzig and the Unadorned Art of Everyday Earnest Effort: Now Get On Your Bikes And Ride


Welcome, to the first ever blog post from Ingzig, a So Cal based company that celebrates the unadorned art of Everyday Earnest Effort.

Our mission: To shine a refreshing new light on this reliable old standard.

Rest assured, however, we’re not here to suggest what you should do or how you should do it.

But rather to encourage you to embrace your chosen work and to dedicate yourself to it.


Do you recall when you were first learning how to ride a bike?

If so, you can probably still picture that certain someone scurrying along your side doling out well-intended words of encouragement as you frantically shimmied to and fro.… Read More...