FYI…Stories Rock, Stories Rule, Always Have, Always Will

storyDon’t take this personal.

But it’s time to get personal.

It’s time to talk about you and me.

About our everyday hopes and dreams.

Personally, I wanna hear your story.

And I wanna tell you mine.

No matter what the so-called experts say.

Which is, “Self-absorbed narcissism serves the needs of no one.”

In fact if I recall correctly the unofficial pie chart illustrates that only 10-15% of a well-balanced blog should be ‘personality’ content.

“Content that forms an emotional connection with your reader.”

“The remainder,” they say, “Should be divided between selling and ‘usable information.'”

“With usable info typically netting the lion’s share.”

Now don’t get me wrong I’m all for usable information, especially if I’m in the market for a riding mower or a flat screen TV (although even then it could very well come down to personal preference).

But come on, this is Personal Growth and Achievement, this (to me anyway) is Personal.


I’m not suggesting that one’s better than the other (well actually I am).

I’m not saying that all three can’t happily co-exist.

My point is that when it comes to PG&A one can’t help but get the feeling that the paradigm is slightly off-kilter.

In other words, well-balanced my eye!

Let me ask you this, given the opportunity would you prefer thumbing through some practical self-help manual with a yellow highlighter marker lodged behind your ear and at the ready or wrapping your undivided attention around a fiery story about personal struggle and triumph?

Given the opportunity would you rather sit cross legged at an all day motivational yawn fest/sell-a-thon or be perched on the edge of your seat moved to tears by an 8 year old’s touching rendition of Greensleeves at the after school talent show? 

Last month I wrote about our son Tim and the leaky water pump predicament. In a last ditch effort to discourage him from attempting to fix the problem himself his Mom and I offered to share the $1200 expense of taking it to the repair shop.

Our efforts/bribe proved unsuccessful, and much to our surprise/overwhelming delight Tim went on to successfully change out the worn-out water pump on his own.

Now this obviously wasn’t meant to be an exercise in water pump repair. Nor was it intended as a hard-line lesson in PG&A. It was simply the story of a young man’s willingness to step up to the plate and give it his best shot.

And yea, like much of the stuff I write it was, wait for it…Personal.

Kinda like Rocky.

“Say What?!”


Filmed in 28 days at the cost of $950K, Rocky, the 1976 boxing saga about Rocky Balboa, an uneducated part time debt collector, grossed over 225 million dollars at the box office and went on to win three Oscars.

The famous scene of him running up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art has become a cultural icon.

And Gonna Fly Now, aka Rocky’s Theme, is still being played in arenas and stadiums around the country, not to mention (and get this) at motivational retreats and conferences worldwide.

Hmm, imagine that.

A blockbuster of a hit no doubt, one that clearly struck an emotional chord with millions of people.

Yet in the end it was simply one man’s story—Rocky’s story.

A story not about boxing or winning, hell, Rocky didn’t even win his fight. But a story about desire and determination, toil and training. A story about hopes and dreams, the kind of hopes and dreams that are based and built on a deep seated set of ideals not on some surplus of useable information.  

Seriously, do you really think a 2 hour infomercial on jabs, hooks, and headbutts would have so much as even a remote chance of winning (or even being nominated for) best picture of the year?

“The universe is made up of stories, not of atoms,” said American poet Muriel Rukeyser.

The PG&A blogosphere, well, not so much.

But hey, fret not, because regardless of the status quo, I for one will continue to step up to the plate and make stories my ‘personal’ priority.

Each and every month I’ll do my absolute best to honor and represent that little (albeit vital) piece of the pie chart.

Because these are our stories, stories I firmly believe speak to the heart, as well as, to (and from) the very backbone of Personal Growth and Achievement.

Oh and BTW, FYI, next month in another informative segment we’ll be discussing the 72 essential steps to tapping your own inner artist, so have your highlighter marker ready.

“Say What?!”   

Just kidding.

See ya on October 1st, till then, keeep it up

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