Sometimes the Most Amazing Thing about Amazing is that it isn’t all that Amazing. Still, it’s Always Freaking Awesome.

superMy reason is simple.

The question, straightforward.

What’s up?

Why do I ask?

Because every day you and I have the opportunity to do some pretty amazing shit.

And quite frankly, I love amazing shit.

Feeling amazing?

I’m all ears.

For instance, the other evening my wife and I go out for a bite to eat at the local TGI Fridays, and Cassandra, who as busy as she is, kindly takes the time to come greet us in her usual warm and welcoming way.

So what’s new? I inquire.

To my delight she lights up like a kid on Christmas morning.

For the record, Cassandra’s been a favorite waitress/bartender of ours here at Fridays for a few years now, she’s young, smart, and uber-energetic, and since it’d been awhile since we’d last seen her I was genuinely curious as to what she’d been up to.

And based on her reaction, whatever it was, it’s apparent that she can hardly wait to let us in on it.

Now then, is it fair to guess that this is the sort of response I get whenever I ask someone What’s New?

I wish.

But no, it’s not, in fact rarely is it received with this kind of gusto.

And why would you suppose that is?

What could it be that Cassandra’s doing that perhaps others aren’t?

What might it be that Cassandra’s got that others don’t?

Honestly, at this point your guess is as good as mine, thus, I took the liberty to probe a little more.

And here’s what I uncovered.

It’s Not Always Who’s In Your Corner…It’s What.

Like I say it’d been a spell since we’d last seen Cassandra, and come to find out she’d been plenty busy.

For not only had this Superwoman recently graduated from business school, she’d gotten engaged, was in the midst of planning her dream destination wedding to Cancun, and together with her LAPD fiancé had purchased her very first home.

Suffice it to say things were looking up.

Suffice it to say our girl Cassandra had it going on.

Perhaps even too much so, because as she herself openly admitted, it’s all been rather stressful.

But, she continued, it’s a good kind of stressit’s an exciting kind of stress.

And this I think is important to note, because stress is something we hear an awful lot about these days, and for the most part it’s anything but good.

Yep, like Cassandra, we’re all freaking busy.

Yet not for one second did Cassandra come across as ‘stressed out’ that evening.

If anything, she was fired up…BIG TIME


Because in the face of all the so-called stress, above and beyond all the ‘busyness’, Cassandra had something wonderful lurking in her corner.

She had something to work at, something to strive for, and to look forward to.

She had something that, although a bit overwhelming at times, made it all-worth-while.

As Little As It May Be There’s Always Time To Make The Most Of It.

Alright then, let’s try this again shall we?

What’s new?

What’s going on?

Are you making the most of it or are you simply going through the motions?

Are you getting somewhere or are you just going with the flow?

Hey, like they say, whatever floats your boat.

All I’m saying is when you know in your heart that you deserve and desire something more, then perhaps it’s time to rock that boat.

Maybe it’s time to shake things up.

Maybe it’s time to…step it up.

Yeah yeah I know.

I get it.

Were all freaking busy remember.

But that’s what’s so freaking amazing.

Like so many other deceptively simple things, doing something amazing ain’t no big thing, it’s a whole lotta little things.

And that’s a damn good thing for crazy busy folks like us.

So Whaddaya Waiting For? Go on,Get Busy(er).

In closing, let me just point out that I’m overjoyed knowing Cassandra is doing well.

Again I just love it when people are kicking butt, when their hard work is paying off.

But trust me Cassandra’s good fortune didn’t come about overnight.

Truth is she’s been kicking (and clawing) for quite some time.

This girl had it going on way back when.

That evening at Fridays it just so happened we caught a glimpse of Cassandra at the tail end of one part of her journey while on the threshold of another.

Clearly she was in a good place, an amazing place.

But again, as she quickly confessed, there’s plenty still to do.

It was Leonardo da Vinci who said, Art is never finished, only abandoned.

In many ways Cassandra is just getting started, yet judging by the fire in her eyes she’s ready and raring to go.

Who knows what’s next?

Who knows if Cassandra’s dreams will one day all come true?

In either case I have a gut feeling that no matter how demanding it gets, regardless of how hectic the pace proves to be, she’ll continue kicking, clawing, and overcoming right along with the very best of em.

In the end the choice is ours, same ol’ same ol’, or something new and noticeably different?

Something soft and easy, or something a bit more gritty and grueling?

Something average―or something altogether amazing?

Either way, opportunity awaits, and if you don’t jump on it…somebody else will.

See ya April 1st, till then, keeep it up.

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