Passion: Either You’ve Got It or You Don’t. Question Is, Do You Need It?

heartDonald Trump talks about it often.

And always with a great deal of conviction.

He claims that without it the chances of being successful dramatically decline.

He is affectionately referring to passion.

That strong and deep-seated love for what you do…and/or hope to do. But what if you’re not brimming with passion?

What if you haven’t found that certain somethin that lights a fire under your aspirations?

Does that mean you’re SOL?

Now I consider myself an extremely passionate person, and I’ve always felt that passion is an integral part of any well-deserved success.

However I do feel sometimes it’s overused, if not…overrated.

That said I often questioned whether passionate was appropriate for Ingzig.

And of course if not, what was?

Alas, after a string of sleep-deprived nights it hit me.

Earnest is synonym for determined, devoted, diligent, purposeful, constant, steady, sincere, and passionate.

It was just the constituent I was lookin for.

It fit and felt right.

Plus our good friend passionate was part of it.

But an equal part. No more no less.

And for me…that was critical.

Because in more than anything else Ingzig celebrates a process.

One that requires some work.

And that work (as any successful person will attest) isn’t always (as the definition of passionate points out) eloquent, emotional, heated or heartfelt.

Kevin Hall, author of Aspire argues that passion is about more than just love.

It comes from suffering.

It means that you’re willing to suffer for what you want.

So the question isn’t so much, are you passionate?

It’s are you passionate enough to keep going; to finish what you started?

Just the other day I was watching a video in which legendary rock drummer Tommy Aldridge was sharing his techniques for double bass playing, techniques he said he’d worked years at to perfect.

Work he himself described as “Boring, Boring, Boring.”

Now I’m certainly not sayin Tommy isn’t passionate about playin.

On the contrary!

Not only has he proven that he’s ‘passionate enough,’ but also that passion alone simply isn’t.

Make no mistake, if you’re in hot pursuit of your passion, if you are indeed doin what you love consider yourself one of the lucky ones.

Because the truth is you’d be hard pressed to find a greater source of motivation.

On the other hand, if you haven’t been blessed with this precious gift try not to feel as though you’ve been short changed, because trust me, there’s a whole lot more to it.

So pull up your bootstraps.

Stay hungry. Stay focused. And most importantly, stay disciplined.

Work hard at honing some skills.

Granted, you may not always love it.

But they’ll come a time when you’ll damn well appreciate it.

Note: I happened to be tuned in to a local talk radio station the other day and lo and behold just before going to a commercial break the host urged his audience to call in and talk about their passion.

Tell me what’s in your heart, he asserted. What is it that gets you excited?

Upon his return to the air he immediately voiced his disappointment over the number of lines that lit up.

Come on people, I know you’re out there, he exclaimed. Surely there’s somethin that gets ya outta bed in the mornin.

Now I very well be reading a bit too much into this.

But suffice to say the somewhat dismal response to this reasonable request once again had me thinkin about all the good folks out there who (and I know you’re out there) don’t necessarily echo our host’s enthusiastic level of passion.

Nonetheless we’ve all got our everyday hopes and dreams.

And the bottom line is there’s an excellent chance that the only thing standing in the way of em coming true is a little Everyday ‘Earnest’ Effort.

See ya on Jan 1st. Till then, keeep it up.


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