Good: Effectively Proven to be the “Perfect” Alternative

homerOn one side you see an enlarged photo of a ripened russet potato under which it reads, the potato.

On the other a single serving of classic cut fries arranged neatly in a bright red container embossed with a pair of golden arches. Below that image is the word, perfected.

Yup. It’s an advertisement for McDonald’s.

In this particular case a roadside billboard strategically placed just a few hundred yards from one of the chains more than 30,000 fast food restaurants.

And like me, weather or not it lures you in for a No.2 Extra Value Meal, it just might get you to thinking:

Hmm, over the years I’ve probably polished off a small truckload of Micky D fries, and yea they’re pretty darn tasty.

But perfect? 

Truth is to an ardent potato farmer the global food service giant has no doubt got its potato protocol bass ackwards. And that in his eyes, a perfect potato is one that remains rustic and raw, rather than processed and packaged.

Then again to a pack of hungry thrash metal heads on the heels of an Anthrax reunion concert  a basket of In N Out’s Animal Fries might sound like the perfect late night carb. 

I know for my wife it’s a cleanly scrubbed spud lightly basted in olive oil baked at 450° for forty-five minutes and then generously smothered in all the fixins.

Personally I fancy mashed, by hand, the way Mom used to make em.

And of course let’s not forget those spirited souls out there who I’m sure would defiantly contend that potato perfection simply cannot exist without the laboratory aid of a fully functional distiller.

My point: perfection is personal.

It’s highly subjective and therefore uniquely different for each and every one of us.

I mean even if you and I did happen to agree that Mickey D dishes up the perfect serving of potato paradise, chances are we’d still butt heads over whether it’s an extra pinch of salt or an additional dousing of ketchup that makes em…well, even more perfect.

Wait a minute. Even more perfect?

That can’t be.

Or can it?


In just a few short weeks the 2012 Summer Olympic Games will get under way in London England, where athletes from around the globe will gather to compete in their respective events.

The common goal: to bring home the gold.

For some that means laying down the fastest lap.

For others it’s lifting the greatest amount of weight.

And still for others it could very well come down to that, ‘perfect 10.’

Unless of course you’re a gymnast, because last I heard the longstanding international symbol for excellence had been officially retired from gymnastics in favor of an entirely new scoring system, one that if I’m not mistaken resets the bar somewhere around 16 or 17.

Confused? I’ll say.

I mean when’s the last time you heard someone utter, “On a scale from 1 to 17”?

It’s 10.

It’s always been 10.

Whether you’re judging an Olympic event or a backyard belly flop contest 10 is top dog, the cream of the crop; the ‘pinnacle of perfection.’

It’s the best of the best. And you simply can’t do or get any better than that.

Or can you?

Snapple, makers of quality teas and fruit drinks, has long touted their products as being, “Made from the best stuff on earth.” And yet in a recent TV add they announced that, “The best stuff just got better.”

Well I’ll be.

So, where does all this leave you when it comes to your Everyday Hopes and Dreams?

As a chronic im-perfectionist do you continue to strive for perfection?

Do you keep doing your very best even though you know you could potentially do better?

Heck, I say go for it.

But in the meantime keep in mind that, although perfection may forever remain the high water mark, while best may sometimes heed to even better, a little bit of good can go a long long way.

That being said…I wish you a “good” day.

No I don’t mean a, “Have a good day say hello to the family” kinda good day.

I mean a good freaking day!

One that turns a not-so-good day into an honest-to-goodness man that sure was a good day.

One that while falling well short of perfect or far from the best you’ve ever had, still proves pretty damn good.

And how exactly do you do that?

It’s simple.

By making sure you do something good.

Something that makes you feel good.

Good enough that you’ll want to go out and do it again the next day, and the next day, and the day after that.

One after another, each one filled with satisfying goodness.

Oh, and no need to worry about loading up your plate. In fact, go for seconds whenever you can. Because unlike those mouthwatering goodies mentioned earlier, good days are extremely healthy, as well as big time beneficial to your overall well being.

It’s true.

It’s been clinically proven.

So go ahead, feel free to (over) indulge.

No really, it’s “perfectly” all right.

Because when it comes to having a good day, there’s just no such thing as, too much of a good thing.

See ya on Nov 1st, till then, keeep it up.


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