If Your Dreams Could Talk What Would They Say? More Importantly, Would You Listen?


They’re about to speak.

Do you hear em?

I know you do.

Call me psychic, shrewd, or just plain perceptive, but I know that at some point or another you too have heard the chatter of voices in your head.

Y’know those meddlesome little murmurs that every time you get the half hearted notion to do something have the duty-bound tendency to rummage through a laundry list of reasons why you can or can’t (should or shouldn’t) do it.

From the lips of anything resembling a smooth talkin bebopin over the shoulder self image to an obscure and shadowy silhouette cloaked in Gothic garb, these recurring articulations can range from an encouraging whisper to a sabotaging rant with manic like undertones.

Elusive yet pervasive they’re prone to pop up virtually anywhere and at any time.

  • In the mornings when you’re slappin the crap outta the snooze button.
  • After a long day at work while contemplating whether or not to hit the gym. Or while at the gym when your abs are burnin like a pit of coal but ya gotta keep pushin because you’ve got another dozen sets to go.
  • On a long stretch of two lane highway while tailing a string of eighteen wheelers itchin to make your move to pick em off one by one.

You can’t do that. What are you nuts? Yea right. is generally the tone of rhetoric that echos on one front. While Go for it you Lilli-liverd candy ass! screams out from the other.

But no matter the tidings remember this: ultimately the choice is yours. You can  tune em in, or, you can tune em out.

Or, you can drown em out.


Okay now bear with me because here’s where things get a little looney (and like listening to some fabricated finger puppet isn’t, right).

Let’s be honest, you do listen.

Right or wrong, for better or worse, when it comes to those recurring voices in your head you’re all ears.


Because just like that kid consuming three-headed monster that was hiding in the closet or underneath your bed when you were a youngster they seem so freaking real.

Those everyday hopes and dreams of yours on the other hand are in your heart (or at least I hope they are) and that need I remind you, is as real as it gets.

So, here comes the looney part.

Rather than listening to some overactive hyper-opinionated cartoonish critic, why not listen to your dreams.

I know, I know, my reassuring voice of reason just got swallowed whole by the one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eater.

In one breath I’m suggesting you snub those loose-lipped little voices in your head and in the next I’m asking you to ‘listen’ to your dreams?


Hey, I’m right there with ya, but for the moment let’s pretend that your dreams could talk. That they too had a voice.

What if anything do you suspect they might say?


“Music,” it’s been heralded, “is simply the greatest thing to come from human mouths, minds, and hearts.”

“It is something everyone in the entire world can believe in.

Ben Giggard, front man for Death Cab for Cutie once said while addressing an audience that, “A lot of these songs are love songs, as is this one, but this song (I Will Possess Your Heart) is about when you love somebody and they don’t love you back”

After hearing this, as well as the song, I couldn’t help but wonder, “What if the ‘you’ in this song were a dream?”

In other words, instead of the song being between two people, what if it was about the relationship between someone and his or her own dream(s).

Which, in a roundabout way, is exactly what I’ve been leading up to this entire time: A relationship; the building and nurturing of a quality relationship.

Note: Please take a moment (be it now or later) to listen to this song on YouTube. And while doing so, quietly focus and reflect on your dreams.

Or better yet, have em right there with you.


What I mean is, if your dream is to play that six string like the rock star you know you are, pick it up and put it on your lap…and listen.

If your dream is to shed a few unwanted pounds and get healthy, lace up them running shoes…and listen.

If your dream is to become a painter or a poet, a teacher or even a future Hall of Famer, summon the tools of your trade, gather up or gather round whatever you need to hone your craft…and listen.

Start building that relationship.

Y’see despite all the BS you hear about inspiration, motivation, and the persuasive powers of pharmaceutically infused fairy dust (and yea I’ve tried em all) this is where dreams come true.

So go ahead, take a minute, take a good long listen, to your dreams that is.

Because chances are somewhere in the midst of all that other chit chat they’re desperately trying to tell you something.

Oh, and just for fun, if after listening to I Will Possess Your Heart you suddenly get the urge to start/resume chasing down some of those dreams of yours, drop the needle on Working My Way Back To You by The Four Seasons.

And by all means feel free to sing along.

Or dare I say, try not to.

Thanks for listening (to you know who). 

See ya on May 1st. Till then, keeep it up.


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