The Mission

1. Ship the 100 Tees Needed to Fund the Keeep It Up Contest

 2. Revel In the Opportunity to Give Back

3. Continue Doing Our Best to Recognize Yours



Books, CD's, and seminars. Step by step programs and strategies. All combined Self Help, aka Personal Growth and Achievement, is an estimated $11 billion a year industry, with "new and improved" offerings being introduced all the time.

All the while, year after year, day after day, people from all walks of life and with any number of interests and ambitions are helping themselves to happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives by submitting to one simple and common creed:

Do the work. Do it well. And do it often.

You can find them in their garages and at their kitchen tables. You'll see them out jogging at the break of day, burning the midnight oil at the local java joint and perfecting their jump shot down at the community park.

No praise, no applause, just the satisfaction of knowing that today what beckoned to be done was done, and that tomorrow brings with it yet another golden opportunity to do the same.

That sense of satisfaction, that inherent feeling that comes from what I personally and affectionately have come to know as the unadorned art of                                            is what Ingzig is all about. Of course as we all well know resources are an essential part of sustaining those efforts, resources that at times can be beyond one's own means.

Hence the                                         where each month one deserving winner will be awarded $100. Granted 100 bucks isn't much these days, but hey, we're just getting started. Besides, sometimes it doesn't take much. A new pair of running shoes or a fresh set of guitar strings. A bolt of fabric or a plunge router. How about a mouthwatering meal for two at your favorite local bar and grill? Why not? After all, you've earned it.

In the words of English writer Samuel Johnson, "People often need to be reminded more than they need to be instructed," and here at Ingzig the ironclad opinion is that it is these unsung individuals, who along with their unbending commitment to their chosen craft, invariably remind us all of just what a little stick-to-it-tiveness can achieve. 

And for that, we'd kindly like to show a little appreciation.

Please note this is not a charity, but rather, a tribute, a sincere thank you, one that will hopefully further encourage those who are doing what it takes to, "Keeep It Up" and in turn inspire a few others to do the same.

Thanks for your support.  


Ever marvel at how some people do what they do?

Ever wonder what it is they know that you don’t?

If so, check out this FREE PDF Version of Do What You Know! You’ll be surprised at just how much you do know, amazed at what you can accomplish by doing it, and movingly reminded of all you’ll miss out on . . . if you don’t.


It's yours. It’s free. It’s my pleasure,