100 Tees.100 Bucks.

It's the Keeep It Up Give It Back Giveaway, and here's                                          how it works.


​Outside of your nine-to-five, have you been working at something, something personal I mean? Something that feels right, feels good, and while not always easy, brings with it a profound sense of satisfaction every time you do it? And, have you been doing it like the dickens for at least six months? 

If so, I'd love to hear from you.​ I'd like to get your take on what it takes.

So, in your own words...

  • Gimme  the scoop on what you're working on and how long you've been at it up to this point and time.

  • Fill me in on some of the tougher choices, decisions and sacrifices you've made along the way, as well as any day to day challenges.

  • Tell me how you feel about what you've accomplished thus far and what you've learned in the process, and/or, what you've learned about the process. 

​ And lastly, share a bit about what if anything you're currently struggling with, what would help ease that struggle, help overcome that obstacle, or in some small way simply make your day.

That's pretty much it.

That's all you need to do to be eligible for the monthly Keeep It Up Give It Back Giveaway and potentially pocket yourself a $100 gift card.

100 Tees. 100 Bucks.

Sound like a plan? Awesome!

So get ready, get set, and in the meantime keep your eyes on the bright orange countdown button in the middle of the merch page, because when it hits zero, it's game on!


PS: While the proceeds from the first 100 t shirts sold will provide the initial resources needed to launch a handful of opening rounds of the Giveaway, the hope is to keep this boxcar rollin', to see where it might lead, and together with your valued support accomplish a whole lotta epicness along the way.  

Again, thanks for your support. 

(Official Rules, Regs, and Launch Date Forthcoming)