"Here's what's missing in our field of personal growth and achievement, we need to share this experience, not teach it."
                                                         - Steve Chandler

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Hey it's me Pat, the man behind the scenes here at Ingzig, and if I may I’d like to briefly share with you a particular time in my life that proved pretty darn special.

It took place behind a six-piece drum kit and lasted for roughly four-and-a-half years. Now mind you this wasn’t my inaugural crack at the instrument. I got my first drum kit at the age of thirteen but promptly swapped it out for a dirt bike, which is a whole other story in itself, one you can read all about in Do What You Know, the ebook featured below. 


Fast forward a couple of decades. I’m a somewhat successful nine-to-fiver in my mid-40s, married to an amazing lady and the proud father of a remarkable young man. All the same I can’t shake this lingering feeling that something’s missing, so I opt to give drumming another try. Before long I regain my rhythm and shortly thereafter make myself an unspoken promise: to play a little every day, and for the next four-and-a-half years that’s exactly what I do. I play, without fail, and without any sabotaging hopes or expectations.

Little by little I get better and better. Slowly but surely I begin to recognize the persuasive powers of persistence, and in good time, and quite honestly perhaps for the very first time, I experience firsthand the indescribable sense of personal satisfaction that comes from simply working at something rather than toward something.

In short, this becomes the inspiration for Ingzig.
The shirts the book the blog, the giveaway, all my way

of encouraging you to "Keeep It Up," to keep doing what it is you enjoy doing, whilst never ever losing sight of why you’re doing it in the first place.

It was the incomparable Mr. Jim Rohn who said, “We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of disappointment and regret,” and I can tell you straightaway that the latter can be downright insufferable at times.

Just sayin’. Just hopin' my blunders might serve as a sort of signpost, one that helps you steer clear of any "unnecessary" hardship.

So, am I still playing drums these days? I am, although I tend to divvy up my time between a few other interests as well. Yet no matter what it happens to be I know I won’t be tossin' in the towel anytime soon. I know now I’ll continue to work at, and take great joy in, those things that at the end of the day, make my day.

Because like I say, those four-plus years were a pretty special time, as they instilled in me a deep and unshakable appreciation for the process, a process I’ve affectionately come to know as, the unadorned art of Everyday Earnest Effort.

Again, welcome.

Ever marvel at how some people do what they do?

Ever wonder what it is they know that you don’t?

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Anyhow, at twenty-one I bought my second kit, whereon I played in a passable garage band for a few fun-filled years. But once the dream of rock ‘n’ roll prominence went out the window I rarely gave playing a second thought, eventually calling it quits altogether and offering the kit to a neighborhood kid who showed much more interest than myself at the time.